Our grandson is currently in his 3rd year at ACA and we absolutely love it. The A-beka curriculum and teachers are superb and they truly love the children

- Michael B. 

I went to Amite Christian when I was in elementary and I loved it! Amite was a great foundation for me, the kind people there taught me all about God in the most fun ways possible. Every Tuesday me and my classmates all went to chapel and sang songs that stick with me today. Being able to go to Amite Christian Academy was a blessing and I am very thankful I was able to go there!

- Ella Claire C. 

- Sheri D.

Both of my children went though elementary school at ACA and both transitioned into public middle school with straight A's! My son was also nominated for student of the year in his first year of public school. I attribute that to ACA! Wonderful school!